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The majority of time for any child is spent at school, so it is important if you are a parent of children who suffer from anaphylaxis that you inform their school once they are diagnosed. Request a meeting with your child’s teacher to agree a protocol to how the allergy will be managed on a day to day basis, where their Jext will be stored as well as who will be responsible for administering it in an emergency.

It is also important that your child is fully aware of their allergy, spend time discussing their allergy and ways in which they need to minimise risks when they are away from home. Also ensure their Jext is carried with them at all times and is easily accessible. If a Jext is kept at school make sure its expiry date is registered with the expiry alert service so that you are aware when the Jext is due to expire.

Speak to your GP or local health authority about training for staff and teachers at your child’s school.