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Everyday Life

Everyday life

If you suffer from anaphylaxis, the most effective way to manage it is to be prepared and be aware. By setting yourself a few simple rules each day, carrying your Jext and recognising risks will become second nature, and part of your daily routine.

Follow our simple checklist to ensure your prepared:

Carrying your Jext

  • Have your Jext available at all times and ensure they are in date.
  • Register your Jext with the expiry alert service
  • Carry your Lifeline card at all times so people can see how to administer Jext and who to contact in an emergency

Recognising risks

  • Ask questions about ingredients before eating anything
  • Don't take chances: if you can’t find out about ingredients, or check the label, don't eat it
  • If you also have asthma, make sure this is well controlled. Ask your doctor or nurse for an asthma review
  • If you have a venom allergy, do not wear perfume & bright clothing during venom season

Prepare and educate yourself