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Expiry Alert Service

Your adrenaline auto-injector has an expiry date and may be less effective after that date. If you are prescribed an adrenaline auto-injector you can register with the ALK Expiry Alert service to receive alerts warning you when your Jext is due to expire and needs to be replaced by your GP.

We will send through free notifications by either SMS or email notifying you when your Jext is due to expire.

When your Jext expires visit your GP to dispose of the expired Jext and collect a replacement. If you have any further queries visit our FAQS.

Register your Jext online

You will receive free alerts notifying you:

  • 4 weeks prior to the expiration of your Jext
  • 2 weeks prior to the expiration of your Jext
  • The day after the expiration of your Jext

Register your Jext by phone

Text alert and your expiry date to 80818

Example: An expiry date of September 2018 should be sent as alert 092018

* Required field

If you have more than one Jext with the same expiry date then you only need to register once.

If you live in the Republic of Ireland and would like to register your mobile telephone number you will need to include the International dialling code 00 353 and drop the first zero of your number.

Terms & Conditions

The Expiry Alert service is provided as an additional support to people who carry Jext. Although we take care to ensure the efficiency of this service, patients are reminded that it is entirely their responsibility to ensure that their medication is within its expiry date. Patients should be reminded that ALK-Abelló accept no liability should this service be disrupted for any reason what so ever. Read our Terms and conditions

Cancelling an Alert

You can cancel any expiry alert that you have previously registered for (including online and mobile phone registrations) by using the expiry alert cancellation form.