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  • Healthcare Professionals

    Healthcare Professionals should visit our healthcare website for assistance with
    prompt diagnosis and appropriate management
    of severe allergic conditions including use of
    intra–muscular adrenaline with Jext.

    healthcare professionals
  • Free Jext® App

    causes of anaphylaxis

    Download the free Jext App for iPhone and Android. Includes:

    Voice-guided instructions for use
    Symptoms of anaphylaxis
    Educational videos
    Expiry alert

    Download the app today...

  • What is Anaphylaxis


    Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction.

    It may start suddenly within seconds or minutes, or take a few hours to develop following contact with an allergen which is a substance that is capable of producing an allergic reaction.

  • Causes of Anaphylaxis

    causes of anaphylaxis

    A wide range of allergic triggers can cause anaphylaxis.

    Find out more about the causes and triggers, which can cause anaphylaxis.

  • Test your knowledge


    How well do you know your Jext?
    Do you know how to use and store your Jext?

    Regular training is important. Why not test your Jext knowledge with our educational quiz!

  • Meet the Jext® Gang

    Jext Gang
  • Video Demonstration

    administering Jext

    Our video shows the correct Jext administration technique.

    View the demonstration video to familiarise yourself, family and friends with what to do in the event of an anaphylactic reaction, how to recognise the symptoms, and how to administer Jext.

  • What is Jext?

    Jext is a single-use adrenaline auto-injector. Each Jext injects a premeasured single dose of adrenaline for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.


    How does it work?
    Adrenaline works quickly to reverse the symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction. Adrenaline injected into the muscle of the front of the upper outer thigh is the first choice drug for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.

  • FAQs


    Got a question? Read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

  • Expiry Alert Service

    Order Free Jext Trainer.

    Adrenaline auto-injectors have an expiry date and may be less effective after that date.

    Register to receive alerts either by email, or SMS to your mobile phone to remind you when your Adrenaline Auto-Injector is about to reach its expiry date.

    Or use your mobile phone by texting alert and your expiry date to 80818.

    An expiry date of September 2018 should be sent as alert 092018

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  • Travelling abroad?


    Whether you are on holiday or travelling for work make sure you are prepared with our travel phrase sheets.