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Handling, storage and disposal

Handling Jext

Although Jext does not need any special storage instructions, it should be handled with care ensuring that it does not freeze.

If you suffer from anaphylaxis you should always carry in-date Jext with you. By registering with the Expiry Alert service you will receive reminders as the expiry date(s) approaches.

Your Jext will come in a hard carry case, which we would advise you leave it in until you need to administer it in the event of anaphylaxis. When you remove the yellow cap the Jext, is primed and ready to go. If you remove the yellow cap by accident; carefully replace the lid taking care not to touch the black tip and the device will be safe to return to the case until it is needed.

Use your Jext with care, watch our video demonstration.

Disposal of Jext

Jext features a needle shield that ensures the needle is never exposed.

After you have administered your Jext make sure you hand it to the paramedic or bring it with you to an emergency room or hospital casualty department so they can safely dispose of it.